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Yappy Shopping From New Yorkie!

Shop here for unique gifts from the NYC inspired New Yorkie® line of clothing and accessories for people and their pets. Buy a New Yorkie® dog walking umbrella and bow tie for the guy in your life, a matching bracelet for the gal in your life, and a matching leash & collar for the pup in your life. New Yorkie - connecting people and their pets thru fashion.

How Your Order Gives Back
Schmitty The Weather Dog Book

Schmitty The Weather Dog Book

Determined to help her struggling two legged dad become a TV weatherman, Schmitty jumps into action despite her tiny size and friends who make fun of her. Can Schmitty The Weather Dog save the day? Find out with this fun and inspiring story that brings science to kids. No assembly required. Published by New Yorkie Press.

Price: $16.99
New Yorkie Leash Alt

New Yorkie Leash

They’ll start spreading the news when your pup walks down the street in a yellow & black checkerboard New Yorkie leash. Take the lead in this smart, yet durable 6 foot New York inspired leash.

Price: $28.00 Sale Price: $19.95
New Yorkie Doggie T-Shirt

“New Yorkie” Doggie Tee

Calling all dogs! Right off the New Yorkie Runway, here’s your chance to adorn your pup in the hottest NYC doggie fashion.

Price: $19.95
New Yorkie Tote

New Yorkie Tote

Shop till you drop in New York (or anywhere on the planet for that matter) with this stylish New Yorkie tote. FYI – it holds a lot!

Price: $29.99

New Yorkie Coffee Mug

Have some cawfee, dahling! In a pawsome New Yorkie mug, of course.

Price: $14.95
New Yorkie Hat Alt

“New Yorkie” Hat

Order up a slice of little New York with an embroidered New Yorkie hat. Sure to get tongues and tails a-waggin’ wherever you go.

Price: $19.95
New Yorkie Greetings Button

New Yorkie Greetings™ Button

Price: $4.99
Schmitty The Weather Dog Greeting Card- Front

Schmitty The Weather Dog Greeting Cards

Tis the season to spread some cheer! Arf-Arf!

(12 pack)

Price: $24.95
STWD Human Tee

Schmitty The Weather Dog Human Tee

The most fun t-shirt ever. And that’s no snow job!

Price: $39.95
Weather Dog Doggie Tee

Weather Dog™ Doggie Tee

“Let The sunshine.”

Price: $35.00
Weather Dog Men's Tee

Weather Dog™ Men’s T-Shirt

Warning: This t-shirt might elicit questions about the weather and cause popularity.

Price: $59.95
Weather Dog Bicycle

Weather Dog™ Storm Chasing Bicycle

Follow a storm with this bicycle and you just may find yourself at the end of a rainbow.

Price: $499.95
Schmitty Plush Toy

New Yorkie Plush Dog

Put a little New York in your life. Order a New Yorkie Plush Dog today.

Price: $14.99
New Yorkie Collar

New Yorkie Collar

Hot off the New Yorkie Runway, your pup will turn heads in the signature New Yorkie yellow & black checkerboard collar. Strong, yet way cool.

Price: $25.00 Sale Price: $19.95
New Yorkie Bow Tie

New Yorkie Bow Tie

From Broadway to the board room, you’ll be the definition of dapper in a signature New Yorkie yellow & black checkerboard bow tie. Tie one on in NYC style!

Price: $24.99

“I Heart My Doorman” Doggie Tee

What dog doesn’t love their doorman? So why not have your pup express his or her feelings (and maybe snag some extra treats) by wearing this special New Yorkie “I Heart My Doorman” T-shirt?

Price: $19.95
New Yorkie Umbrella

New Yorkie Dog Walking Umbrella

You don’t have to be a celebrity to use this New Yorkie umbrella when walking your dog. But warning: opening this uber classy black bumbershoot with it’s New York inspired yellow & black checkerboard lining, curved wooden handle, wooden tips and chrome fittings when walking (or not walking) the dog has been known to attract the paparazzi! Just saying.

Price: $68.00
New Yorkie Shirt

“New Yorkie” Shirt

We won’t take the shirt off your back. In fact, we can help put a really cool one on. New Yorkie T-shirt. Don’t leave home without it.

Price: $35.00
Schmitty the Weather Dog Plush

Schmitty The Weather Dog Plush

A fair-weather friend to have and to hug!

Price: $69.95
STWD Wagon

Schmitty The Weather Dog Wagon

The perfect ride for your Schmitty The Weather Dog stuffed animal.

Price: $99.95
Schmitty the Weather Dot Anemometer

Schmitty The Weather Dog Toy Anemometer

See how hard the wind is blowing.

Price: $49.95
Weather Dog Hat

Weather Dog™ Hat

You love the weather? You love your dog? Enough said.

Price: $39.95
Weather Dog Women's Jacket - Front

Weather Dog™ Ladies Soft Shell Jacket

Love and this jacket will keep you warm.

Price: $129.95
Weather Dog Umbrella

Weather Dog™ Umbrella

The perfect umbrella for when you “sniff” out a rainstorm coming your way.

Price: $88.00
New Yorkie Bracelet

New Yorkie Bracelet

Adorn your arm with a touch of taxi class. Stunning hand woven Miyuki glass beads hand woven in yellow & black checkerboard trimmed in black with a sterling silver dog bone & heart charm is the perfect holiday gift to express our puppy love. Made in the USA by Brendell.

Price: $124.99
New Yorkie Dog Harness

New Yorkie Harness

How can something this rugged be so New York hip? And so smooth like buttah. Your pup will love it. And love you too.

Price: $30.00 Sale Price: $19.95

“Co-op Board Approved” Doggie Tee

So get this. Not only do you have to get approved when you buy a co-op apt in New York City, but your dog does too. Seriously. So why not let everyone know your pup has it’s papers. Co-op board papers that is. Hey NYC realtors! Could this New Yorkie® doggie tee be the closer for your next deal? Now that’s something to chew on.

Price: $19.95
New Yorkie Poster

New Yorkie Poster

Little dogs in the big city.

Price: $12.99
New Yorkie Greeting Cards

New Yorkie Greeting Cards (5-pack)

Send a little love by snail mail? Imagine that!

Price: $12.50
New Yorkie Guitar

New Yorkie Guitar

Neiman Marcus eat your heart out! Here’s the perfect fantasy gift to get into a New Yorkie State of Mind. Each guitar is a unique one of a kind hand painted work-of-art. And who wouldn’t pop a guitar string knowing that you can have the back personalized for you or that special someone.

Price: $875.00
Schmitty The Weather Dog Poster

Schmitty The Weather Dog Poster

Bow-Wow! Brighten up your bedroom!

Price: $29.95
Schmitty The Weather Dog Hat

Schmitty The Weather Dog Hat

Almost as good as an umbrella!

Price: $39.95

Schmitty The Weather Dog Doggie Tee

Your pup will be a ray of sunshine struttin’ their stuff in this stylish celebrity pup T-shirt.

Price: $35.00
Weather Dog Ladies V-neck

Weather Dog™ Ladies V-Neck Top

Stylin’ it in all kinds of weather.

Price: $70.00
Weather Dog Men's Raincoat

Weather Dog™ Men’s Waterproof Raincoat

Rain, rain, go away. Or just wear this and don’t worry about it.

Price: $149.95